1. All the students are required to attend at least 75% of lectures delivered in each of the subjects.

2. If a student absents himself from any of the house tests held by the College for the purpose of internal assessment or if he/she fails, the Principal shall have the authority to withhold or withdraw his/hername from University Examination/Board Examination.

3. At any time, during the course of training, the Principal may, at her discretion, remove the name of a student from the College rolls if he/she has failed to a make progress in studies or has been found guilty of misconduct.

4. A student who wishes to withdraw from the College must do so formally in writing and his/her application should be coutersigned by his/her parents/guardian.

5. Participation in curricular, co-curricular activities and games is compulsorry for all students

6. Rules regarding discipline, payment of fee, grant of leave and use of Library must be strictly observed.

7. Principal has the power and discretion to impose or remita fine.

8. During the training period, no student shall attend or take part in any anti-Government, anti-College or other subversive activities.

9. Political and unauthorized meetings, demonstrations of all kinds, sale and organized distribution of books, pamphlets, posters etc. on the college premises are strictly prohibted.

10. Misconduct shall be severely dealt with and may result in restication or expulsion. A student may be called upon to withdraw from the College. If in the Principal’s opinion, his continued stay is not conducive to his/her well being detrimental to the interest of the college.

11. All breaches of college discipline and long absence without leave shall be punishable to the extent of expulsion.

12. Every Student is required to keep with him/her the identity card available from the college library and should show the same on demand. In case of its loss, heavy fine will be imposed.

13. Applications will have to be made to the Principal for permission to change the subject(craft). The change can be allowed only within 15 days from the date of admission.

14.  Since the College work is regulated mostly through notices put upon the notice Boards Student must look up the Notice Boards at least two times, once on the commencement of the day and later before their departure from the college. Ignorance about a notice shall not be entertained as an excuse for non-compliance.

15. Smoking and taking alcohal etc. is prohibited on the college premises.

16. Students are not allowed to go on tour or excursion without the prior permission of the principal. Non-compliance will be treated as offence.

17. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus and committee for the same is formed by the college.  if any complain is received strict action should be taken.


The institution expects its scholars to observe the code of conduct laid down for College Students and to inculcate a habit of discipline in them during their stay in the college. This will ultimately shape them into responsible and useful Citizens of India.

1. The College lays special emphasis on the maintenance of discipline. A Discipline Committee is formed for this purpose.

2. Students are expected to be courteous and polite in their dealings with one another or with employees of the college.

3. Proper respect should be shown to the teachers and their instructions should be carried out strictly.

4. Perfect silence should be maintained in the classes, in the Reading Room and in the verandahs so that none is disturbed in studies and the atmosphere prevailing in the college remains academic.

5. Movement from one class to another should be orderly. At the end of a period the incoming students should wait outside till the classroom has been completely vacated.

6. The Students should understand that the college property is an asset of the nation and as such its maintenance is as much their duty as that of the administration. Therefore, let not any one disfigure or damage the furniture or deface the walls with pen, pencil or chalk marks.

7. In a vacant period, students are advised to utilize their time in the study of magazines and newspapers in the Reading Room/College Library.

8. During their stay in the college, girls students are advised not to make use of ornaments. cosmetics, gaudy dresses etc..

9. The student found guilty of infringement of the above rules of conduct and discipline shall be liable to heavy punishment in the form of fine, withdrawal of concessions and stipends or even expulsion from the college, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Imp: Except with the special permission of the principal, obtained in writing, visitors (Father, Mother, Real Brother/Sister) are not permitted to visit their wards. Strict compliance is observed.


1. The Student may borrow up to three books at a time. Most of the books are issued for two weeks and may be renewed if not in demand or reserved for someone else.

2. If a book is kept beyond the due date a late fee of Rs. 5/- per day will be charged. No book will be issued to any student who has an overdue book or unpaid late fee.

3. Special rules regarding the issue and overdue late fee apply to the reserve books.

4. The Student should check the books before having them issued and report at once if anydamage and marking is found in the book, otherwise the last borrower is responsible for the condition of the book. If a book is damaged or marked, a fine upto cost of replacement may be charged.

5. If a Student loses the library book, he/she should report at once. If the book is not traced out within a week, the cost of the replacement, the late fee if any and library charges will be charged.

6. The borrower is responsible for all books issued to him/her.

7. If the student losses his card, he/she should report at once to the librarian. He/She may apply for a duplicate card on payment of an additional charge of Rs. 100/- & one photograph attested by the Registerar’s office. The duplicate card will be issued after 141 days. The Student is responsible for all the books issued to his/her previous card.