Keeping in pace with the Nation’s progress and success in educational skill set, our country is in the best of its time wherein we are in the process of evolving as as developed nation, Suchtimes call for high standards of education and professional competency, VMS Polytechnic College set upon its path for contributing to this cause and in the last 11 years, has consistently strived to add value to our country’s progress by providing competent.caring and professional engineers in various fields to shape up the nation’s development.

By becoming one of the best class institute, VMS has made many changes in the teaching and learning methodology as well as in training paradigms. We at VMS aimata higher level of quality.

education and set up benchmark for other institutions to follow, lamglad to share that this college, which is the culmination of our family’s cherished dream of setting up a centre of excellence for professional learning, has come up to the expectations. Efforts of the faculty members, response of students and the faith that is reposed by the parents in this institution of technical education has further provided us the impetus to move with even more rejuvenated Spirit and enthusiasm. We are all here to learn, grow and serve the nation.

Adeveloped nation consist of fully developed individuals, each contributing in their own unique way. This thought has been in the core of our values and VMS has incorporated human values, sports, recreation, cultural amalgamations, ethnic diversity in its educational set up to create the right mindsetofa responsiblecitizen. I hereby welcome you all to come and join hands with the country’s most prestigious and ever progressing institute and enrich it and be enriched. I wish you all great success and progress.


Inder Sekhri