Library Rules

1 The Student may borrow up to three books at a time. Most of the books are issued for two weeks and may be renewed if not in demand or reserved for some one else.

2. If a book is kept beyond the due date a late fee of Rs. 1/- per day will be charged. No book will be issued to any student who has an overdue book or unpaid late fee.

3. Special rules regarding the issue and overdue late fee apply to the reserve books.

4. The Student should check the books before having them issued and report at once if any damage and marking is found in the book, otherwise the last borrower is responsible for the condition of the book. If a book is damaged or marked, a fine upto cost of replacement may be charged.

5. If a Student loses the library book, he/she should report at once. If the book is not traced out within a week, the cost of the replacement, the late fee if any and library charges will be charged.

6. The borrower is responsible for all books issued to him/her.

7. If the student losses his card, he/she should report at once to the librarian. He/She may apply for a duplicate card on payment of an additional charge of Rs. 100/- & one photograph attested by the Registerar’s office. The duplicate card will be issued after 14 days. The Student is responsible for all the books issued to his/her previous card.


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