D Pharmacy

Globalisation has been the key word in the recent restructing of the economic device of our country, the drive been the imperative need to keep in space with the developing world. Pharmaceutical industry is the vital pigment of health care system. As a custodian of national health, the pharmaceutical industry has benn playing a key role in meeting the healthcare requirements of the country there by maintaining the standard of health by making available a wide range of curative and preventive medicines. It conducts research, manufacturing and marketing of Pharmaceuticals, Biological Products and Medical Devices. The industry has achieved near self sufficiency as almost 80% of country’s requirement of medical is being made available by indegenous production.

The prime objective of this institute is to assist the pharmaceutical Industry in India in meeting the challenges of industrial competitiveness on a global basis. The Institute offers instructions in pharmaceutical sciences to meet the needs of health care system. The Institute also aims to undertake selected, applied research studies and applications thereof in the areas of pharmaceutical Industry. The B-Pharm and D-Pharm. courses include full-fledged syllabus an analytical control and tools for pharmaceutical both for routine quality cantrol and research activities.

D. Pharmacy

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